In today's world if you're not on the web, you're not in business.

A web site needs to connect your business to the world. It needs to educate people on what you can do for them, and get them the information fast and easily. The days of the brouchure are over. Now you can have a conversation with your customers, and your web site is the hub of all you marketing efforts.

The first step in any web design project is to determine the goal.

Is the site designed to sell a product, promote a brand or service, or be purely informational? Will it create a community of members, or a crowd of avid readers? Each site is unique, and the look and behavior of the site needs to reflect that.

We sit down with each client to discuss what story they need to tell, and what ideas they have about telling it. We provide feedback and suggestions to make the story stronger, and gather as much information as is necessary to bring the story to life. We then use color and space to build something visitors can connect with and remember, gathering client feedback along the way.

When it comes time to construct the site, we build it into the Joomla! open source content management system so the site can be easily managed by as many users as needed. A site is a living document that benefits from regular attention and new content, so we train our clients to manage their own content and keep it fresh. 

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You might hear "Identity" thrown around in many contexts. Could be your favorite sports team, or celebrity.

Here we're talking Business identity.

It starts with the logo, but really encompasses everything the business is about, from value proposition to values. 

The logo is the mark of the business. It is what the world uses as a "name tag" of sorts. If used properly, it comes to represent all that a company stands for, from their philosophy to their approach to their products and services. The mark grows in value over time as more and more people associate it with the ideals of the business.

Smudged Graphics designs not just a logo, but an identity package that defines a brand, and includes the styles and usage for that logo so it can increase in value and gain credibility with potential customers.

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Graphic Design, that seems a little broad, doesn't it?

It might even mean all those things descriped above, so what does it mean?

Generally graphic design services include page layout for any format (web, print, your newest digital watch?), template design, Powerpoint presentation design, brochure design, and poster design, just to name a few. Smudged Graphics can help with the design of any business communication, even if the client isn't exactly sure what would work best.

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one27LogoBLK100hPhotography can be a big part of any marketing project.

It is a great way to let your customers see your site or building, or meet the people in your organization.

Done right, it will have a major impact on the impression your business portrays.

All photography is handled by our sister company, one27 Photography. Check out the web site to see some of the latest photography projects.